Thursday, April 5, 2012

Employment Readiness: An iPad in the Field Exercise

     As iPad and other tablet computer use continues to grow, many programs want to know how to use them in their classroom. Sarah Lund, an instructor at one of the Minnesota Literacy Council's learning centers, was kind enough to share this lesson with us.

Last month, the Employment Readiness 2 class at Arlington Hills did a month long unit on job interviewing skills and using iPads.

Students started by watching videos of job interviews that were developed through Rochester ABE. 

The students watched the videos and then made decisions on if the video was a “good” interview or a “bad” interview and discussed why they thought that way.

They then spent time pulling out the interview questions and, in pairs, practiced interviewing each other with the same questions from the videos.

Once the students felt comfortable answering the questions, they began using iPads to learn how to take videos. Once everyone was comfortable, the students videotaped each other being interviewed. The teacher uploaded each video to Youtube and then the students watched all the videos as a class. Students rated each other’s interviews on the following criteria:

1. Could you hear?
2. Could you understand?
3. Was the person friendly?

The students rated each category with this following scale:

3 – Very Good
2 – So-So
1 – Not very good

This was the top rated video from the class:

And this was the bottom rated video: (because he answered his cell phone during the interview!)

Thanks Sarah!
We would love to hear reader comments and questions.

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