Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Radio Station Reports on GED and the Shakespeare Project

A story was recently released from radio station WBEZ Chicago reporting on the new GED test and on The Shakespeare Project at the Rondo library in St.Paul.

The audio excerpts and story can found at:

In the first audio excerpt, (the small grey box) reporter Laurie Stern  interviewed Hubbs Center members and GED Testing Services President Randy Trask.
The interview also included Ericka Coleman, at GED student enrolled at the Minnesota Literacy Council's education program in the Rondo Library.

The video clip (large rectangular box) features a story on students learning Shakespeare's McBeth. One of the project's highlights was a very successful  Shakespeare Community Reading. There were 17 different readers and 80% of them were students of the literacy program.

A special thanks goes out to Heather Herrman and the staff at Rondo for all their wonderful work each day!

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