Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Good News First !

Good News !

Yesterday was GIVE TO THE MAX DAY for many charities and as part of, the Minnesota Literacy Council raised thousands of dollars to help support our literacy work!

A mighty Thank You All to our supporters!

The Bad News

We have two Dell 713w inkjet printers and after putting in a new ink cartridge and printing 50+ pages it told me the official Dell ink cartridge is not authenticated and refuses to print.  (sigh)

This has been an ongoing issue for both printers, about every third time we put in a cartridge it gives us some sort of error. The first time they actually sent out "new" (refurbished) printers. Now, we contact the help desk, troubleshoot, then they send us a replacement ink cartridge.

Unfortunately the wasted time and frustration has led me to say... Bad News Dell ! I, as captain of this blog, officially do NOT recommend your 713w printer.

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