Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New font designed for readers with dyslexia

I normally don't like to re-post what others have written and have been meaning talk to a few reading experts about this (but have not found a good time to connect) so I want to post this before I forget and the info does not get the attention it may well deserve.

The Dutch design firm StudioStudio has created a typeface that can be read by dyslexics more easily and with fewer errors. For the full story  http://www.springwise.com/style_design/dyslexie/


  1. Pretty interesting. Looking at their website the concept seems to make sense but their claims about research seem a little shaky. I wish there was some way to try it out without coughing up the dough for a license. A web-based tool to type up and print short paragraphs in the font would be a grate way to test it's impact got my learners.

  2. So I went searching for more on this topic. Here's an interesting collection of font resources for dyslexia: http://www.dyslexic.com/fonts

  3. Sometimes I am asked questions about font choice when training tutors to work with emergent readers. This would be a great choice. Do you know how to get it?